Sveinstindur-Skælingar is one of Útivist's most popular hiking trails. Following is the tour's plan. 

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Included in the price is the bus transport from Reykjavík to Langisjór, and from Hólaskjól to Reykjavík, the guiding, sleeping bag accommodation for three nights, and transportation of the luggage.

Please note that Útivist is a recreational association; it does not insure its passengers, nor does it accept responsibility for their property. Útivist reserves the right to cancel any trip with advance notice, if there is inadequate participation.

Day 1
Departure from parking lots in Mjódd in Reykjavík at 8.00. The bus ride to Langisjór takes about 7 hours, and on the way passengers enjoy looking at beautiful landscape. This afternoon the group hikes to the top of Sveinstindur, which offers spectacular view of the highlands. The first night is spent at Útivist´s hut on the bank of the river Skaftá. Today´s hike is about 3 hours.

Day 2
Today the trail lies on the banks of the river Skaftá, through the canyons of Hvanngil and Uxatindagljúfur, and past mountains. The day rests at Skælingar, where Útivist´s nice little hut was built at a very special place with lava formations. Distance about 14 km, estimated hiking time 6-7 hours.

Day 3
If the weather is good and a clear view the group hikes the mountain Gjátindur. After that the trail lies down to the big fissure of Eldgjá, which was formed in a volcanic eruption hundreds of years ago. The trail lies along Eldgjá, where a very famous waterfall, Ófærufoss, can be found. Next night the group is staying at the hut Hólaskjól. Distance 16 km, estimated hiking time 6-7 hours.

Day 4
In the morning it is possible to take a short walk in the surroundings of Hólaskjól before the bus takes us back to Reykjavík.

Practical information
The luggage will be transported between the huts, but please keep in mind that the cargohold is not unlimited. All luggage must be packed in a way that keeps it dry in any circumstances. 

There will be a preparation meeting with the guide few days before the trip starts. Information on the date of the meeting is provided at the office.

Preparation list
Following is a list of necessary items:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Backpack (daypack)
  • A small stove and a pot*
  • Lighter or matches
  • Plates, knives, forks*
  • Thermo ½ liter
  • Water container
  • Sun block og lip balm
  • Toothbrush, soap og toilet paper
  • Sunglasses
  • First-aid kit (second-skin for sore feet, painkillers etc.)
  • Lighter or matches
  • Fly net

*There is kitchenware in the huts, but as it can be pretty crowded in the kitchen it might be practical to bring one´s own.

The weather in Iceland is unpredictable. Keep in mind that you are going to the highlands where it can even snow during the summer. Therefore it is important that your clothing protects you from the weather you expect AND the weather you don't expect.

  • Good hiking boots. The boots must give your ankle a good support, besides keeping  your feet warm and dry. It is very important that your hiking boots are good, and that you are used to them.
  •  Walking trousers need to be good, and made of dry-fit or similar artificial fabric. Jeans and other clothing made of cotton is forbidden on treks.
  • Warm underwear made of  wool or artificial fabrics. It keeps moisture away from the body.
  • Hiking socks made of wool or artificial fabrics.
  • A warm sweater and/or shirt (fleece or wool is good).
  • Wind- and waterproof shells (jacket and pants)
  • Mittens and a warm hat
  • At least  2 extra pairs of socks
  • Shoes to wear when crossing unbridged rivers, f.ex. sneakers. It is important that the shoes can be fastened on the foot.

Passengers need to bring their own food for the trek. Be careful to choose food containing a lot of energy but not very heavy for the stomach. F.ex. fruits, corn and protein is good in the morning; bread and soup for lunch, and some kind of  snacks rich with energy; and something more heavy for the evening, such as meat, pasta and sauce, etc. It is good to have chocolate, biscuits, raisins and etc. handy in case you get hungry or need energy during the day. Don't forget the hot chocolate, instant coffee or tea.

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