The Solstice Hike over Fimmvörðuháls

June 24-26 (Friday-Sunday)

Welcome to Útivist’s solstice hike over Fimmvörðuháls. It is our hope that you will enjoy the hike and the weekend at the paradise in Básar.

All participants receive a bracelet and it is important that you don’t lose it, because this bracelet is in fact your ticket to the refreshments during the hike, the dinner on Saturday evening and last but not least it valids as a ticket on the bus to Reykjavík on Sunday.

Departures from Mjódd

Departures are from Mjódd in Reykjavík on Friday afternoon at 17:00 & 18:00.
The luggage will be waiting for you in Básar when you arrive there after hiking the Fimmvörðuháls. It is important to mark your luggage clearly with your name.

The hike

The trail over Fimmvörðuháls is about 25 km long, and estimated time is 9-11 hours, The very first part of the trail lies up Kvennabrekka hill by Skógafoss, a really good warm up. Then there is a short stop by some beautiful spot by the river Skógaá after one and a half hour of hiking. Then the group hikes up to the bridge over Skógaá, but there you’ll find toilets and light refreshments.

From the bridge the group follows a newly marked trail on the west side of the river to Fimmvörðuskáli hut. By following this ‘western-trail’ you’ll get a good view of several interesting waterfalls you’d miss by following the old ‘eastern-trail’. After that you’ll arrive at Fimmvörðuskáli hut where you will be treated with a warm soup and a sandwich.

From Fimmvörðuskáli hut you’ll hike to the volcanic site of the eruption in 2010, and you can even go to the top of Magni which together with Móði are Iceland’s newest mountains. After exploring the volcanic site you’ll hike downwards Brattafönn, Heljarkambur and Morinsheiði where you’ll have a short stop to enjoy the view and refreshments.

Even though Útivist offers some refreshments on the way it is still important to bring your own snacks. It must be energizing, and it should also be something you like, f.ex.  chocolate, raisins, nuts, dry fish or sandwiches. Make sure it is something you can easily get to during short stops.

It is also important to bring cold water or juice.  You should stock up on water before the trek begins. One liter should be sufficient. A juice, stack full of energy, can make the difference after many hours of hiking. 

Saturday evening

Dinner on Saturday begins at 19:00, and it will be held in tents close to the huts in Básar.  Remember to wear your bracelet at dinner on Saturday to prove that you have already paid for the barbeque.

A campfire will be lit at 21:30 and Útivist’s big band will play.


Get information from the wardens about accommodation. Those who are booked in the hut are shown to their beds. Designated areas are reserved for hikers, and the wardens will be able to give you any information you need.

Clothing – IMPORTANT

Fimmvörðuháls is at 1,100 meters altitude, and the weather there can be quite different from the weather at sea level. Therefore it is very important to bring warm clothes. You will be hiking at a 1,100 meters altitude, besides being hiking in the night, so you should be prepared for some cold. Mittens, a hat and a good sweater are necessary. Make sure to put on some warm clothes during pauses before you get cold.

Departure from Básar on Sunday

The first bus departs from Básar at 13:00, and then one after another as soon as it fill up. You do not need to book in advance on Sunday as you did on Friday's departure from Mjódd. Wear your bracelet as you enter the bus.

Prices for 2022: In hut 38.500 ISK and in tent 34.000 ISK for members.

Price in hut:  ISK BOOK NOW (see instruction below) 

Price in tent:  ISK BOOK NOW (see instruction below) 

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click the box that says „Ég samþykki skilmála Útivistar“

Click „Áfram“ and again on the next page.

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