Skælingar hut


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 GPS-waypoints N63°58,849 / W18°31,319
 Accommodations in the hut for 16 people
 Camping close to the hut
 No running water in the hut, a brook is nearby
 Gas stove
 Price of accommodation in the hut 2023:
    7.000 ISK
Price of camping:
    2.000 ISK per person in tent.
 Booking of accommodation at Útivist´s office at
Laugavegur 178, Reykjavík, tel. +354 562 1000        

 Gjátindur mountain
 Eldgjá (huge volcanic fissure)
 Uxatindar mountain
 Grettir mountain 

The hut in Skælingar is an old hut used by farmers when gathering their sheep from the highlands. Members of Útivist rebuilt it some years ago. The hut is characterized by the old icelandic building tradition, with walls made of stones, therefore the guests experience the icelandic cultural inheritance in natural surroundings. All around the hut are very special lava formations.

When driving towards Skælingar go past Hólaskjól, road F208. The unbridged river Nyrðri-Ófæra must be crossed east of Eldgjá volcanic fissure. Then drive up to the eastern bank of Eldgjá, along the road to Gjátindur mountain. After a short while there are crossroads where the road to Skælingar goes down a hill towards Skaftá river. GPS-waypoints of the crossroads are N63°56,974 / W18°37,635. Follow this road to the hut.

There is no warden at the hut, but the wardens at Strútur hut and Hólaskjól also take care of Skælingar hut. Accommodation in Skælingar hut and camping there can be paid at Útivist‘s office in Reykjavík, or by putting the fee into a special container at the hut.

If you need to cancel your booking in hut's:

If the cancellation is received 7 days before your booking or earlier, all refundable except deposit fee 1.000 kr. per pax.

It is not refundable if cancellation is received within a week before the booking.

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