Básar hut


 Practical information  Interesting places in the vicinity

 GPS-waypoints N63°40,559 / W19°29,014
 Warden's telephone +354 893 2910


  •  Accommodations in huts for 75 people
  •  WC
  •  Showers (price 500 ISK)
  •  Kitchenware
  •  Grill
  •  Price of accommodation in huts 2023:  10.500 ISK

Camping site

  •  WC
  •  Showers (price 500 ISK)
  •  Charge of cell phone (500 ISK) ask warden
  •  Grill
  •  Price for camping 2023:

2.000 ISK per person in tent.

Facilities only

  •  Use of WC and outdoor grills:
  •  price 500 ISK per person

 Booking of accommodation at Útivist's office at  
 Katrínartún 4, Reykjavík, tel. +354 562 1000,           
 or at the warden in Básar, tel. +354 893 2910 

 Volcanic site on Fimmvörðuháls                
 Eyjafjallajökull glacier
 Mýrdalsjökull glacier
 Þórsmörk area
 Útigönguhöfði mountain 

When driving to Básar a left turn is taken from Road 1 east of Markarfljót river into road 249, which by the farm Stóra-Mörk changes to F249. This road leads all the way to Básar. Please note that there are some unbridged glacial rivers on the way which have to be crossed. Only well equipped jeeps and larger vehicles are able to cross the rivers. These rivers can be dangerous, so make sure to get information about their condition before driving to Básar.

In Básar‘s vicinity there are hiking trails suitable for everybody. Both large and small feet can hike the „Básar-circle“, which is about one hour hike. There is a beautiful view from Réttarfell mountain, and Útigönguhöfði mountain is suitable for those who prefer more exercising. Hvannárgil canyon is like a wonderland. A detailed hiking map can be bought at the warden in Básar or at Útivist‘s office in Reykjavík.

If you need to cancel your booking in hut's:

If your cancellation is received 7 days before your intended arrival time or earlier, all is refundable except a deposit fee of 1.000 ISK per pax per night.

Nothing is refundable if your cancellation is received within a week before your intended arrival time.

See this video of the picturesque nature at Básar

Photos from Básar hut