Dalakofinn hut


 Practical information  Interesting places in the vicinity

 GPS-waypoints N63°57,048 / W19°21,584
 Accommodations in the hut for 30 people
 Camping close to the hut
 Running water
 Gas stove
 Price of accommodation in the hut 2023:
    8.000 ISK

 Price for camping:
    2.000 ISK  per person.

 Booking of accommodation at Útivist's office
 at Laugavegur 178, Reykjavík, tel. +354 562 1000               

 Torfajökull glacier area
 Rauðufossafjöll mountains                   
 Laufafell mountain
 Geysers by Hrafntinnusker
 Hvínandi geyser
 Geysers by Dalamót 

During high season there is a warden at Dalakofinn. The way to Dalakofinn hut is by road F210 from Keldur. By Laufafell mountain a left turn is taken in direction of Hrafntinnusker and Krakatindsleið. After a short while there are crossroads where one road goes to Hrafntinnusker, and the other one to Krakatindur. We take the latter one and drive for a while to crossroads where we turn to the right to Dalakofinn.  Dalakofinn hut is conveniently situated in the highlands, close to the Torfajökull glacier area. From the hut a variety of long or short hikes can be taken, f.ex. to have a look at a geothermal area and hot springs.

If you need to cancel your booking in hut's:

If the cancellation is received 7 days before your booking or earlier, all refundable except deposit fee 1.000 kr. per pax.

It is not refundable if cancellation is received within a week before the booking.